A Day of Play

A Day of Play


Get out of your head and into your heart. Come Play.

On Sunday 13th October, Coby Bennett will be running ‘A day of Play’ - an Opportunity to step outside the ordinary and step into your future self… Connect to Nature, Music, Movement and discover ways of play to shift and elevate you and upgrade your consciousness. Access more creativity and clarity within, connect to what lights you up and gives you purpose and learn how you can incorporate play into your everyday life.  Little bit wild, whole lotta fun, truly transformative. 

You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation.


And the Discovery begins with yourself. Remember back to when you were a little kid and you didn’t have a care in the world? Your time was consumed in a creative playground of your mind’s imagination, each moment overflowing with potential and curiosity,  A time when we let our minds roam free and dreams were made in our games on the daily.

In today’s world, we get caught up in the role we think we should be playing as a ‘certified adult’ and before we know it our playfulness and imagination has taken a backseat and we find ourselves on autopilot, going with the motions, at times reminiscing on the good old days which can feel like a distant memory, disconnected to what fun actually is. We let our minds prison us and our imaginations and restrict our access to the higher potential that lives within. 

What if I was to tell you that… The Good Old Days are now and through incorporating a state of play in our lives we can significantly improve our Wellbeing, increase our consciousness, creativity and attitude to life. Come along and play and experience the many benefits

  • Reduce stress & life monotony 

  • Access more flow in all aspects of your life

  • Develop your creativity and ability to problem-solve

  • Improve relationships and increase your attractiveness to partners or prospective partners ;) 

  • Increase Connection to yourself and others

  • Enjoy more out of life and many more

DATE: Sunday 13 October 2019 | TIME: 10am-2pm Lunch included

LOCATION: Maroubra - address sent upon booking. 

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