Here I am.

One of the most powerful things I have learnt in life is that it is too short to be spent unhappy. And that the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. Whilst I have been fortunate to have many adventures so far, it was not until I found Vedic Meditation that I truly began to feel more alive and present. We live in a pretty cool world, but I, like many, have had times where I have gotten caught up in the complexities of it; building up stress, feeling resistance to change, reaching wear out and breaking point and sickness many times. Thankfully, Vedic Meditation has supported me through many of my bravest decisions, and I know it will for you too.

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Born and raised in Sydney, I am one of seven children, yes that is correct! It’s opened me up to appreciating the uniqueness of every person and seeded in me a desire to explore from a young age. I adore travel, both interstate and globally, but I am always happy to come back to the beautiful coastline of Sydney that I call home. Away from teaching Meditation, you will find me outdoors in nature whether that be running, hiking or walking, being in the ocean, or taking some time on the mat at Yoga. I love capturing a moment with photography and exploring my creativity through an art gallery visit, favourite movie or getting off the grid. Above all my favourite activity is quality time spent with close family and friends, an ocean breeze, cooling dip and seafood picnic top the list and add in some playtime and it’s a perfect day for me.

And the best thing is I live my life now without guilt, I wore the coats of guilt for so long, thinking I should be here, there, do this, think this, listen to that person, make that person happy, spend more time working, saying yes more often than saying no, the list goes on, and the guilt burden sticks with you unless you do something about it. That’s what meditation has allowed me to do, reveal unwanted thoughts and patterns and one by one, let them go, accessing an untapped feeling of lightness and freedom.

Like many, I was unsure what I wanted to do out of high school, having to choose your ‘Purpose’ at 18 can be quite daunting when you have a lot of interests. Nobody tells you that it’s ok to keep on evolving and that this is the beginning, not the end! Thankfully from a young age, creativity and building brands and businesses were always high on my priority list so I was fortunate to carve out a successful career working ‘client side’ in brand management & development for a range of global companies across varied industries, including the likes of Qantas, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and a number of fashion & beauty brands. But there was always something missing, I felt the calling to create a brand of my own. Following my career with blue chip companies, I co-created a successful digital and design business focused on helping individuals, small business and startups share their stories in a highly visual and engaging way and define and live their why throughout every element of their business and brands.

I was fortunate to gain the first-hand experience of the pains & pleasures that come with having your own business and the corporate life, whether that is being out of balance, feeling high anxiety, constant stress, confidence crashes and never feeling like I could switch off.

Having practised and dabbled with different meditation techniques, once I learnt Vedic Meditation, I couldn’t believe how quickly this became a part of my life, the benefits I began to experience were profound and continue to be. It was through practising this technique that I was able to deeply experience what it’s like to truly feel home and alive no matter where you are and whatever you are going through, a deep sense of calm with me always, I thought, everyone needs to know about this.

The calling to become a meditation teacher was strong and something that chose me, it felt natural and meaningful straight away. I am dedicated to sharing this beautiful and effortless practice with the world. Since honouring that calling, I’ve enjoyed being able to debunk misconceptions about meditation and contribute to supporting others to remove stress, follow their bliss and lead their best lives.

Now I choose to focus my time and energy on teaching and coaching others how to incorporate mind tools & techniques to be happier and healthier and more fulfilled whilst transforming their lives. Whether that be creating a successful & meaningful business or job, being a conscious parent, building better habits etc. and ensuring that it co-exists with the lifestyle that someone desires to live, but haven’t been able to manifest yet. It is Meditation that opens you up to the infinite possibilities for your life.


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