I have never meditated before is that ok?

Yes of course. Vedic Meditation is for anyone, whether you have dabbled in meditation or not, anyone can learn easily and enjoy the process too!

Do I have to do anything prior to the course?

You are encouraged to come along to one of my intro talks, but if you can not get one, drop me a note and we can have a brief chat.

How long will it take before I see benefits?

The benefits begin straight away. Some people experience this straight away with built up stress release or a deep transcending experience. Benefits however can be ‘seen’ anywhere from immediate to within a few weeks.

I really want to meditate but I am nervous!

So was I, but I felt the fear and did it anyway and my love is so much better for it. It’s normal to feel nervous, learning with me is fun, simple and enjoyable so you will be guaranteed to enjoy the process of learning plus the practice itself!

I’ve tried meditation before but can’t stop my mind, will this help me learn how to do that?

One of the most beautiful things about this meditation is that it works with the mind and thoughts versus against it. You will learn in the course that thoughts are perfectly normal and with the correct guidance you will be able to transcend your thoughts and reach a deep meditative calm state.

Have another question? Send it across, I am committed to people learning the art and practice of Vedic Meditation that enhances their life and leaves them feeling empowered and ready for anything.